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Red & Blue Teams


The Red-Blue color competition is a long-standing tradition at Buckley. It began in 1935 with the first Red-Blue contest—at the time called Stunt Month—and has continued to this day. The Red team has won the yearly competition 44 times and the Blue team won 36. Students in grades 5-8 compete in various athletic contests such as soccer, basketball and “fun” games throughout the school year to earn points for their team. The competition culminates with a track and field meet in June called Field Day. The winner of Field Day as well as the yearly competition is announced at the annual Red-Blue Athletic Banquet.

Students are placed on either the Red or Blue team starting in the First Grade. If a family member has been on a team in the past, that child automatically is placed on that team to continue the family’s tradition at Buckley.

Upper School students elect Red-Blue captains in September. Boys and girls from each respective team and grade level are elected by their teammates to fill these important leadership roles. Captains are responsible for leading their teams during Red-Blue Spirit Day in October and guiding them throughout the rest of the school year in the various athletic contests. The captains are also instrumental in planning their teams’ participation in Field Day. The eighth grade captains final task is to give the “end of the year” speech at the Red-Blue Athletic Banquet.

Red-Blue Yearly Competition Results

1935, Red
1936, Red
1937, Blue

1938Red 1963Blue 1988Red
1939Red 1964Red 1989Red
1940Blue 1965Blue 1990Red
1941Blue 1966Red 1991Red
1942Blue 1967Red 1992Blue
1943Blue 1968Red 1993Red
1944Blue 1969Blue 1994Blue
1945Red 1970Blue 1995Blue
1946Red 1971Blue 1996Blue
1947Red 1972Red 1997Red
1948Red 1973Blue 1998Red
1949Blue 1974Blue 1999Red
1950Red 1975Red 2000Red
1951Red 1976Blue 2001Blue
1952Red 1977Blue 2002Red
1953Red 1978Red 2003Blue
1954Red 1979Red 2004Red
1955Blue 1980Red 2005Red
1956Blue 1981Blue 2006Blue
1957Blue 1982Blue 2007Red
1958Blue 1983Red 2008Red
1959Blue 1984Blue 2009 Red
1960Blue 1985Red 2010 Blue
1961Red 1986Blue 2011 Red
1962Blue 1987Red 2012Red
2015 Blue

Total: Red 45 Blue 37

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