Dear Buckley Families, Faculty, and Staff,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, faculty, staff, and friends of Buckley who so generously contributed to the 2019 Fall Fair. Please know that your gifts of time and resources to our school are deeply appreciated. 
On Friday night (click here to view the slideshow) both the silent auction and the live auction were hugely successful. Thank you to Marissa Lazos and Jennifer Yee for overseeing and managing both auctions. Auctioneer Topel was in a rare form (perhaps not so rare for him!) and skillfully got people to raise their hands to bid on prized live auction items. The decoration of the room was spearheaded by Marissa Lazos and Kristin John (We all love the Buckley family pennants!). Melani Geiger and Ayanna Spurlock-Shackelton coordinated the spectacular class creations. Thank you to Sage for providing an amazing dinner experience for us.
We could not have wished for better weather on Saturday! Sunday … well, let’s just say we had a reprieve from the sun. Thank you to all the parents who cooked, baked, and brought food to Buckley. We had Greek, Italian, Asian, Caribbean, and Polish gourmet food, grilled-to-perfection burgers and hot dogs, a delicious array of baked goods, along with the new addition of the Walking Taco. Click here to view day 1 pictures, here to view a day 1 montage, and here to view day 2 pictures.  
Thank you to all the volunteers who gave of their time this past weekend. The Fair would not happen without the work of our Buckley volunteers. Let me also thank all the Committee Chairs whose work and enthusiasm contributed to the success of the Fair: Golden Ticket: Jacquie Hembrey and Caterina Skenderi; Ticket Sales: Suzanne Chan and Margarita Loukas; Class Baskets: Laura Ferrucci, Shabana Yacoob, and all the class parents; Wine Toss: Michele and Husani Fussell; Bake Booth: Karina Barkan, Michele Crish, Rochelle Edmonds, and Helen Joa (thank you also to David Belanich for the coffee); Buckley Store: Laura Ferrucci and Shabana Yacoob; International Foods: Bessie and Aristides Georgelis, Violet Mazzei, Caterina and Ardian Skenderi, Fiona and Anthony Branchinelli, Kritine Lee Marrale, Jaime Ruggiero, Patricia Assady, Julia and Chris Lee, Tae Kyung and Joanna Woo, Helen Yang, Judy Sun, Margaret Kozikowski, Bogusia Doroszczyk-Knysz, Anna Kesanakurthy, Natalie Nelson and Yolanda Spence; Grill: Anthony Burachio and Rob Santarpia; Children's Crafts: Ayanna Edwards and Ayanna Spurlock-Shackelton; Sports Challenge: Ramani Mariappan; Colloquium Table: Natasha Chadha, Dolly Chugh, Mercer Hall, and Patricia Russac.  
The net revenue for this year’s Fair wasan astounding $187,000. The proceeds will be used as part of our operating budget to fund programs, professional development, and facility improvements. Thank you to all of you for your unwavering support of our children's school, your donations to the silent and live auctions and your generous bidding, your gifts to the class baskets and food tent, and your underwriting to help reduce our overhead and maximize our revenue (For a listing of underwriters, click Fall Fair 2019 Underwriters.pdf). 
Thank you to Marjorie Jean-Paul, Stephanie Long, and Patty Russo for their indefatigable Buckley spirit, inexhaustible enthusiasm, and organization. They have our enduring gratitude. 
Thank you as well to the amazing staff in the Business Office: Colleen Crowley, Arline Frangos, Donna Kocis, Sara Sweeney, and CFO extraordinaire Theresa Foy. Thank you to our dedicated maintenance crew: John Crehan, Mirek Kmenta, Noel Morales, and Deo Ramdawar, and all other Fair maintenance workers, with a special shoutout to Steve Miller, Buckley Camp Director, who deserves tremendous credit for ensuring that everything went on smoothly behind the scenes. Thank you to Nurse Page for offering first-aid assistance when needed, IT Director Sam Oppedisano for keeping us all connected, and photographer Brett Topel for capturing every moment of our Fair. Last but certainly not least, our deepest gratitude to Security and Safety Director John Drago for developing and implementing all kinds of protocols to ensure our safety.    
Finally, a very, very special thank you from all of us to Co-Presidents Merissa Lazos and Jennifer Yee for their extraordinary “roll up your sleeves and get the job done” understated leadership, their stamina, and their infallible school spirit (AND to their families for giving up so much of their time with their wives and moms).
Dr. Juhel

Buckley Country Day School

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