Diversity & Inclusion at Buckley

The Director of Diversity & Inclusion in partnership with faculty, staff and administrators, serves to facilitate an engaging classroom and community experience where students can learn from diverse perspectives stemming from a rich, multidimensional curriculum and enhanced by personal daily interactions. At BCDS we believe that learning is at its best when students are exposed to stories and events that are different from their own. We make a deliberate effort to be proactive and responsive to dynamics that are the result of the intersection of diverse life experiences and see this as a valuable asset toward building an inclusive learning environment.
Students are more available to learn and thrive when they feel known and tended to socially and emotionally. This means that the role of educator must be intentional about how best to meet the needs of students beyond who they are as learners. Promoting students’ sense of belonging sits at the core of our work.
Our diversity & inclusion focus includes building relationships with BCDS parents. Parents live their diversity every day. This means that parents want teachers to know something about their family structure, an upcoming religious observation or how an existing part of their child’s identity may impact their daily lives. We respond on a personal, professional and institutional level and work to increase the school’s cultural dexterity as a way to contribute to a healthy and connected society.
Diversity and inclusion are integral to Buckley’s Core Values and forward-thinking practices. We want students to connect with one another with an appreciative and curious approach.
Buckley Country Day School is proud to host monthly Diversity Committee meetings. These meetings are structured to gather candid feedback about how to continually create the optimal learning environment for all BCDS students. Our diversity committee is comprised of faculty & staff, parents, trustees, and administrators. No one individual exists outside of the realm of diversity and in order to serve as a model of excellence, there must be room for harmony and discourse within an educational environment. We also appreciate the opportunity to have fun, learn from each other, enjoy a meal, and contribute to our community’s overall well-being.
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Meet Lynn Sullivan

Buckley is thrilled to introduce Ms. Lynn Sullivan as our Director of Diversity and Inclusion. In her new role, Lynn will provide strategic leadership in the area of diversity and inclusion, as well as lead the implementation of the school’s diversity vision with regard to student and community life, curriculum development, and faculty and staff development. 
Lynn brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in the field of diversity work, most recently as the Director of Community Development at New Canaan Country School in Connecticut. Prior to New Canaan, 
Lynn was Director of Public Purpose at Rye Country Day School, NY, Dean of Community Affairs at King School and Director of Admission and Diversity at The Mead School, both of which are located in Connecticut. Lynn is also a well-known and highly-regarded diversity consultant having presented on various related topics in many venues, in particular as Chair of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools Commission on Diversity in Independent Schools. In addition, Lynn sits on the Advisory Board of Greens Farms Academy and Family Diversity Projects.
Lynn received her B.A. from Rutgers University and has two Master’s degrees: a Master of Science in Education from University of Bridgeport and a Master of Arts in Adult Learning and Leadership from Columbia University

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