Safety and Security

Safety and Security Program

Buckley Country Day School takes proactive measures to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all our students and staff members without fostering fear and anxiety.
The safety and security program plans and directs the physical security, fire safety, and emergency preparedness activities of the school to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors. We work closely with safety officials from the Nassau County Police Department, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department, County Fire Marshals and other local safety agencies to ensure our school is well prepared for an emergency.
We communicate proper security messages to all levels of the organization. We have created a security awareness program and training for all Buckley Country Day School Community.
The school’s emergency response plan is modeled on the NYS Guide to School Emergency Response Planning and consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) that was developed by the Department of Homeland Security.   Additionally, the school conducts 8 fire evacuation drills, 4 lockdown drills, and 3 bus safety drills throughout the school year so that students and staff are prepared to respond quickly, calmly and safely.
Buckley Country Day School is represented in local, state, and national level school safety and security related organizations and often attend training offered by various institutions in this continuously developing area.

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