Safety Policies and Measures

Bus Circle Safety

    • Emergency Procedures

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Buckley Dragons!

Student Focused Safety Awareness Program
To increase safety awareness at Buckley, the Safety & Security Program introduced the Buckley Dragons. It is especially helpful with the Lower School students. By using the Buckley Dragons to reinforce the safety measures at school all year long, students can play a role in keeping everyone safe. Good Dragons help us with safety and show us the right way, while the bad dragons show us the wrong way to do things.

2019-20 Training at a Glance

15 Total Emergency Drills
  • 8 Fire Evacuation Drills
  • 4 Lockdown Drills
  • 3 Bus Safety Drills
  • 100% of faculty and students attended Safety and Security in-service training classes
  • 2 CPR/AED in-service training class provided by the Red Cross
  • 1 Stop the Bleed in-service training provided by The American College of Surgeons

Safety Partners

The Buckley Safety and Security Program works closely with the appropriate local public safety agencies, such as the Nassau County Police Department, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department, and other agencies in planning and training activities to promote emergency preparedness for the school.
Buckley also takes part in the Nassau County Police Department’s RAVE Program. The RAVE Panic Button app (pictured below) clearly communicates an emergency to 9-1-1, on-site personnel, and first responders instantaneously. Rave Panic Button shortens response times and improves safety for all those in the immediate area.
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