Buckley Peer Leadership

What is Buckley Peer Leadership?

The Inaugural Peer Leadership group commenced in the winter 2019 after a number of unstructured conversations ensued about the desire for students to have a comfortable and candid space to tackle topics that directly impact the experience of the student body.
7th & 8th grade students applied to be selected as Peer Leaders to learn how to facilitate courageous conversations that center around topics of inclusivity, positive peer-to-peer communications, identity, friendship dynamics, conflict resolution and how to be an upstander, not a bystander.
Students meet bi-weekly to practice how to lead conversations utilizing social emotional strategies and communication techniques, preparing them to facilitate broader conversations with their peers and younger students.

There is no greater value than a setting where students can model for other students how to impart lessons learned to cultivate a positive school culture.  Buckley is a vibrant and exciting community.  We are well positioned for our oldest students to employ honest lessons they’ve learned along their journeys and to share those lessons with credibility, authenticity and formal leadership training – skills that will help them navigate through their school careers and their lives.

Mission Statement

Our jobs as peer leaders is to help inspire others to do the right thing and to strive to be an upstander instead of a bystander.  We want to help strengthen our community so that everyone feels safe and comfortable in it.
Our goal is to cultivate strong, independent thinkers who can lead tough conversations involving diversity and inclusion.
"We are the future working for the future.”

Buckley Country Day School

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