Welcome to weLEAD!

The Upper School is currently in the pilot phase of launching a new capstone project called “weLEAD” (Leadership, Education, Action, & Determination). This initiative will not live in any specific class or course. It will be something larger, as a way to bring together all disciplines and create a new experience in the life of the Upper School.

This capstone project is part of Buckley’s broader intent to incorporate identity and outreach into the daily experience. The goal is to create a cohesive, intentional, and student-centered program. This project will be something that students begin in the fifth grade and complete in the eighth grade, as a four-year exploration of a personal passion that each student selects in the realm of social good. 
Our graduates will be able to tackle a real-world issue in a local, national, or global community. They will design a project of their own choosing and will do something tangible to make an authentic difference. It is based off of existing lessons and projects that have proven successful, such as the social justice slam and the social entrepreneur fair.
Raising awareness to think about diversity and inclusion will enhance their capacity to take informed action about issues that extend beyond the classroom to:

  • Lead by building community
  • Develop empathy, channel emotions, and care for others
  • Explore all sides of an issue
  • Work together to protect the rights of others
  • Design a capstone project based on inquiry, research, data and service
By developing a portfolio of work, students will forge a deeper connection through their own sense of agency, to put their ideas into practice and to share their work with the community as an emerging Buckley graduate.
Making Caring Common
Buckley students are part of Harvard's "Making Caring Common Caring Schools #CommonGood Campaign" that fosters concern for each other as well as their communities. We want our students to recognize what stands in the way of social justice, to realize that they can do something to protect basic rights and freedoms, and to question everything through exploring all sides of an issue.
Teachers: Ms. Russac and Ms. Chadha
E-mail: prussac@buckleycountryday.com; nchadha@buckleycountryday.com
Twitter: @Humanity_BCDS
Instagram: @ourhumanity_BCDS
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