Dear Parents,
Despite summer still lingering, the signs that we are approaching a new school year are unmistakable, even with the cooling of the weather over the past few days. I know it is sometimes difficult to say goodbye to the summer months; yet, the predictability of the year’s rhythm is reassuring to children. Soon they will be back to a familiar place with familiar faces, and I know it won’t take long for our new students to feel at home as well. 

This past week, we welcomed our new students in grades 1-6 who participated in our Buckley Prep program to acclimate to their new school. Upper School teams will return for pre-season on Tuesday and Wednesday, while teachers will be renewing their CPR/First Aid certification. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, all faculty and staff will be participating in a two-day workshop led by Jeana Marinelli and based on Dr. Chugh’s book, The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias. 

I am truly looking forward to the opportunity that the faculty, staff, and administrators will have to reflect on the active role we can each play in creating the school community “we mean to be,” one where there is a seat at the table for everyone. 

Jeana Marinelli describes her workshop as follows:

There is often a stark difference between the people we mean to be and the impact we have on those around us. In this workshop, we will explore how bias shows up in ourselves and in our work. We will use growth mindset to build the skills to engage, listen, and reflect to move toward the people we mean to be.
Class lists and advisory groups have all been emailed to you and if you have not yet, you will soon hear from your child's homeroom teacher or advisor. You should also have received a hard copy of the school calendar. The Parent Handbook and Family Directory will be mailed to you this week. The calendar and the Parent & Student Handbook and Directory  (go to My Buckley, log in, and click on Resources) are also available to you on our website. Attached is a digital copy of the Handbook if you prefer (Buckley_Handbook.pdf). I ask that you read the Parent & Student Handbook, share the relevant parts with your children, and discuss with them the letter and the spirit of our policies.  Remember that the directory is for internal use only and that the information it contains may not be made available outside of the Buckley community. In addition, please click here to watch a short video on the basic safety procedures we expect all members of our community and visitors to observe, and here for a video tutorial on how to use the bus circle for private drop-off in the morning.   

I know that the beginning of a new school year can feel overwhelming, in particular if you are new to a school community and if you have multiple children. I have summarized below the calendar for next week and hope this will help simplify your life:
Tuesday, September 3: 
8:30 - 9:30      Grades 1-7 new student and parent orientation (Students do not need  
                        to wear their school uniform; nor do they need to bring anything with
9:30-10:30       Nursery parent orientation (parents only – new and returning)
10:30 - 11:30    Pre-K parent and student orientation (new and returning)
11:30 – 12:30    Kindergarten parent and student orientation (new and returning.
                         Students do not need to wear their school uniform.)
12:30-1:30        Toddler parent orientation (parents only)
Wednesday, September 4:First Day of School, Toddler - 8th Grade. 
Toddlers:         8:25 - as per teachers’ directions
Nursery:          8:25 - 11:00
Pre-K:             8:25 - 12:00
K- 6:               8:25 - 3:00 (regular school uniform)
7-8:                8:25 - 4:00 (regular school uniform)
Thursday, September 5: Same as above
Friday, September 6:  Full-dress uniform (K-8). Please refer to the Parent & Student Handbook.
8:45 – 9:30       Opening assembly for grades 1-8. Parents are all welcome to                                   attend.
                         New students in grades 1-6 will be introduced by the 8th graders. 
A new school year is synonymous with opportunities and accomplishments. It is always amazing to me what happens in the span of a short school year: some students will experience the satisfaction of solving complex math problems; some will start viewing their environment like scientists; some will break the code of reading and discover the joy that comes with that milestone; some will debate the significance of historic events; some will start forming full sentences in a language other than English; some will realize they have a beautiful voice; some will learn about leadership and being part of a team. One thing is sure: there will be opportunities at every corner for our students to grow in skills, character, and agency. The other certainty I have is that the process will be messy, with triumphs and defeats along the way. Please rest assured that we are here to help them navigate both.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate administrator or me. I look forward to a wonderful year together.
In the meantime, enjoy this last August week and a beautiful Labor Day weekend. 
Dr. Juhel 

Buckley Country Day School

P: 516 627 1910 F: 516 627 8627