Dear Parents,
Giving and Caring are values that we want to model for our students and that we want them to experience through their years at Buckley and beyond. Our children know how fortunate they are and understand that with the simple privilege that we sometimes take for granted of having a roof over our heads and food on the table comes the responsibility of providing others with temporary relief and of course, in the long term, helping them become self-reliant so that they, too, can enjoy the same basic privilege. 
You will notice that this year we will not be participating in the Headstart Holiday program with which we have been associated for over 25 years. We have decided to focus Buckley Cares on the Thanksgiving food and coat drive as well as The Lend A Hand Project and to spread out throughout the year the opportunities our students have to show that they care in meaningful, lasting ways.   
In order to streamline and consolidate our community’s commitment to Giving and Caring below is a summary of what we will be doing between now and the end of December and the drives in which we ask you and your family to participate:
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive: In the days before Thanksgiving, we ask Buckley families to bring in food and $15 to contribute to the donation of meals and winter coats for individuals at Hillside House shelter, as well as food items for the Interfaith Network of Soup Kitchens (INN). You may decide to bring in winter coats instead of money, and more information will follow about the sizes needed at the shelter. The seventh and eighth graders will help to pack these items and deliver them to the shelter. We would appreciate it if you could drop off your donations in your child's homeroom by November 25th.
  • Lend A Hand Project: We have partnered with The Lend A Hand Project, a nonprofit organization serving more than 1,000 families in need throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. Of the number of people served, 35% are children under 19 years of age and they live at or below the poverty line.  Each grade will be assigned two families and they will receive a profile along with the needs and interests of each family member.  We ask Buckley families to bring in an unwrapped item from the list by December 3rd. To learn more about The Lend A Hand Project, please go to:
  • Parents’ Association Holiday Luncheon:  Our Parents’ Association will host a luncheon on December 5th focused on service to our broader community.  During our luncheon parents, along with Upper School students, will pack the gift items collected for the Lend-a-Hand Project.
I am grateful for all the ways in which you and your family will consider getting involved in Buckley Cares and incredibly proud of our community of adults and children for coming together to show we care. As a school community, we remain affirmatively committed to graduating students who will consider ways to contribute to the greater good and be socially responsible citizens. 
Dr. Juhel 

Buckley Country Day School

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