Dear Parents,

I wanted to share with you some measures I have taken to try to mitigate the potential impact of the spread of the coronavirus in our community:
  • I just sent an email to the parents of the 17 students signed up to go on the trip to France and Spain this summer informing them that unfortunately, I would be canceling the trip as the additional risk now involved for our students is too great.
  • We will also be canceling our participation in the Model UN Conference in New York City at the end of March. The event, in which our 7th and 8th graders participate every year, involves hundreds of other students from all around the country and the world and would unnecessarily increase the risk of exposure to our students.
  • I have sent an email to all of the families who have inquired about Buckley and plan on attending our next open house or visit the school asking that they notify us if they have traveled to countries where large numbers of cases have been reported (CDC Level 3, i.e. China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea).
  • We continue to have someone clean classrooms during the day (specifically, door handles and areas that children touch frequently) with Clorox wipes. At night, our cleaning crew used to use bleach in the bathrooms only. I have asked them to use bleach in other areas where it is safe to use. They use Lysol where they cannot use bleach. 
  • The admin team is meeting with Mr. Oppedisano tomorrow to discuss our plan to provide online instruction should we have to close school for an extended period of time. We already have the platform and technology to provide distance learning, and I will send more details about this in a few days. 
  • On Friday, at our assembly, I will speak to our students and tell them the following: “You have no reason to be worried about your health and the spread of the coronavirus here at Buckley; the school is taking the necessary measures to keep you safe and healthy; remember to wash your hands often and not touch your mouth, nose, and eyes; do no share water bottles, glasses, etc.; stay home if you are not feeling well. The coronavirus is not a topic to joke about, as other people may have friends or family members who are affected. In the Buckley community, we know better than to scapegoat groups of people at such difficult times.”  
I will continue to update you as to the measures we are taking to keep our students safe and healthy. My overall approach remains to follow CDC and WHO guidelines, and to focus on preparedness to avoid panic. 

Have a good evening.

Dr. Juhel

Buckley Country Day School

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