Dear Parents,

As you know, the performing arts are an integral part of a Buckley education for all students. We always take great pleasure in seeing students, in their early years at Buckley, often surprise themselves and discover that they can sing, act, dance, and play an instrument, and draw immense personal satisfaction from the experience. The skills they acquire through their engagement in the performing arts are transferable skills that we know they will tap into in every other aspect of their education and frankly, in life. 

Our lower school music teacher and strings instructor, Dr. Glennon, is the kind of teacher everyone wishes they’d had. She has transformed music instruction in both the lower school and our upper school strings program and brought quality that is evidenced in the looks of awe in the audience when her students perform. 

I am thrilled to report that I have asked Dr. Glennon to become Buckley’s Music Director and that she has agreed to take on this new challenge and opportunity. Dr. Glennon will continue to teach lower school music and upper school strings. In addition, she will oversee all the instrumental offerings in the upper school (band, guitar, and piano). As Music Director, she has already hired a new band instructor and guitar ensemble instructor. The guitar ensemble is one of the new ideas she has implemented to enhance the quality of our musical offerings. I encourage you to review the rich menu of music options for our upper school students (click here). Dr. Glennon’s overall role is to determine the vision for music education at Buckley and set the highest standards of quality for our program.    
As you also know, one of the goals of the current capital campaign, Our School, Our Future, is to build three new music classrooms. The combination of Dr. Glennon's talent and the new spectacular space that will be dedicated to music bodes well for the future of the performing arts at Buckley. Below is a rendering of one of the new music classrooms. 
Congratulations to Music Director Dr. Glennon! We look forward to a very musical year under her direction.

Dr. Juhel

Buckley Country Day School

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