Dear Parents,

As you will recall, at the beginning of the summer, Mrs. Lynn Sullivan, our then Director of Diversity and Inclusion, accepted a new position at Yale Divinity School. During her short tenure at Buckley, Mrs. Sullivan’s work offered us the opportunity to grow as an institution towards our goal of becoming a truly inclusive community; that goal has remained a priority as our statement of purpose reminds us: “we seek to prepare our students to become socially responsible citizens and educated decision-makers,” equipped with “the ability to employ a range of skills to engage in effective and mutually respectful interactions with people and places that are different than one’s own.”

Mrs. Sullivan’s impact on our community left us with much to consider as we continue to put in place strategies and resources to ensure that:

  • every child, family, faculty and staff member feels valued, celebrated, and treated with fairness and respect;
  • all voices are heard; 
  • our curriculum and programs include multiple perspectives to add to the prism through which our students experience their learning; 
  • our community norms do not convey the very stereotypes and biases we do not want our graduates to harbor.   
The monthly dinner meetings we had last year to discuss diversity and inclusion, in our community and beyond, provided a meaningful forum to exchange ideas, share experiences, and discuss potential changes. 

I would like to invite you to join me over dinner on January 14, at 7:00 pm, for an update on the diversity and inclusion work we have been doing, the work that remains to be done, and plans moving forward. 

Please rsvp to Mrs. Miseo and remember to let her know if you will be needing child care as well.


Dr. Juhel

Buckley Country Day School

P: 516 627 1910 F: 516 627 8627