Dear Parents,
About 17 years ago, Buckley opened its doors to its first toddlers. Those toddlers are now first-year college students. Over the years, we have tweaked our program to better meet the developmental needs of the children. 
In order to cater more narrowly to the range of developmental differences among two year-olds, I am thrilled to announce that this September, Buckley will open its doors to a program for children between the ages of two and two-and-a-half, which we will refer to as the “Young Twos.” The Young Twos and the Toddlers (between the ages of two and a half and three) will be in separate programs but will all be together in Nursery the following year, since they will all have turned three by September 1.  

The hours of the Young Twos program will be the same as the Toddlers (8:30-12:00), as will the options (two, three, or five days). Playgroup (12:00 - 3:00) will be available for the Young Twos along with the Toddlers and Nursery. 
The curriculum for the Young Twos program will be similar to the Toddlers, but experienced by the children at a pace appropriate for their age. It will include: gentle separation for school, socialization through play, gross and fine motor skills development, language development through story time and early literacy skills, early numeracy skills, science through observation and hands-on exploration, art, and music & movement. 
If you would like more information about our Young Twos program, please contact Mrs. Fortuna or Mrs. Lyons.
Dr. Juhel

Buckley Country Day School

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