Dear Parents, Faculty, and Staff,
I am writing to let you know that Ms. Lynn Sullivan, our Director of Diversity and Inclusion, has been offered a new position as Director of Community Equity at Yale Divinity School, and that she has accepted their offer. It is unfortunate for us to see Ms. Sullivan leave, but it is an offer that she really could not pass up. Of course, it also happens to be in Connecticut where she resides. Please click Lynn Sullivan .docx
to view the Yale Divinity School announcement.
Considering how critical this position is for our community, I will start a search immediately, for an appointment starting July 1, 2020, and involve faculty, parents, and students in the process. Ms. Sullivan has agreed to continue to serve as a resource for Buckley, leading several Diversity and Inclusion meetings and helping us identify the next candidate to take on this position. We will be continuing the Peer Leadership program that Ms. Sullivan spearheaded. I will be able to provide more details about this 7th and 8th program later this month.
The positive impact of Ms. Sullivan’s work on our community has been far more transformative than I could ever have imagined in a year. She has led deeply engaging and meaningful Diversity and Inclusion meetings, provided mentorship and guidance to teachers, assessed key aspects of our curriculum, and added multiple perspectives to the prism through which we consider the learning experience of our students. As importantly, she has taken a close look at the messages we communicate to our students through our community norms and spent many hours listening to them, as she became their trusted confidant. I am grateful for the opportunity Ms. Sullivan has given us to grow as an institution towards our desire to become a truly inclusive community, and as individuals on our personal journeys.
If you would like to send a congratulatory note to Ms. Sullivan, please feel fee to use her Buckley email address for a few more weeks.
Dr. Juhel 

Buckley Country Day School

P: 516 627 1910 F: 516 627 8627