Pre-K and K Students Are 'Word Scientists'

Buckley's Pre-K and Kindergarten students went to school within a school today—and the Kindergarten students were the teachers! Well, techinically they were "Word Scientists" but they served the role as teacher. 

All of the Kindergarten students have studied the alphabet chart so closely, that they are now experts  when it comes to the letters and sounds of the alphabet. They have been using everything they know to think critically about letters and sounds, just the way real scientists study things in the world. 

On Friday, those brave young scientists had the chance to put all of our knowledge to the test! They invited the Pre-K students to come in and be their "ABC School" students! They taught them how to sing the alphabet song, how to use the alphabet chart, and think of words that start with each letter.  They worked on writing the letters of the alphabet, and then even taught them a game about the beginning sound of a word! 

Congratulations to all of the Kindergarten and Pre-K students! 

CLICK HERE to see the photos!


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