Students Learn Firsthand About Sustainability

As part of Buckley’s weLEAD curriculum, the sixth and seventh graders welcomed guest speaker Katie Solosky to school on Thursday to speak about the importance of sustainability.
Solosky, who is the daughter of Buckley teacher Elizabeth Solosky, is currently a Global Studies freshman at Long Island University. She is currently spending a year in Costa Rica, taking action to help make a more sustainable world—her true passion.
Solosky encouraged the Buckley students to “speak with your dollar” because companies pay attention when they lose money. She spoke about the importance of supporting local organic farmers and companies that have switched to environmentally friendly methods to go about their business.
She also spoke about the importance of recycling, but more specifically about reducing our use of plastics entirely, in order to lower our carbon footprint.
To learn more about Buckley’s weLEAD initiative, CLICK HERE.

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