Fourth Grader Wins Buckley Geography Bee

 On Friday, Buckley students in grades 4-8 competed in the National Geographic Bee. The finalists representing their respective classes were: Lindsay Hsu ‘20 and Christopher Skenderi ‘20, Daniel DeVerna ’21 and David Preval ’21, Charlie Avallone ’22 and Siyoon Jeong ‘22, Joshua Nazaire '23 and Aaron Spence '23, Austin Hatwood ‘24 and Dillon Miller ‘24.    
Daniel DeVerna finished in second place, while Aaron Spence finished third.
Austin Hatwood is the 2020 Buckley NGB Champion and will compete to participate in the State Championship this spring.
Congratulations to Austin and to all the participants, and thank you to Ms. Russac, Mr. Hall, and Mr. Klaus for organizing this annual event.
If you would like to test your knowledge of geography with some of the questions, here are the three championship round questions that were asked to the finalists on Friday (the answers are below):

1. The wreck of the last known slave ship to arrive in America was recently discovered near Mobile, a major seaport in what state that borders the Gulf of Mexico?
2. Teenager Greta Thunberg started a global movement bringing attention to climate change when she protested outside of her country's Parliament House, located in the Gamla Stan district of what Swedish city?
3. A National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition helped gather scientific data to support the creation of a marine protected area surrounding Ascension Island. Ascension Island is located in the South Atlantic and is part of an overseas territory of what country?

(SPOILER ALERT) Scroll down for answers...

1. Alabama
2. Stockholm
3. The United Kingdom


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