Buckley Contributes to 'Operation Gratitude'

Buckley Country Day School’s Upper School students took part in “Operation Gratitude” for Veterans Day this year. Many of the students wrote letters to our troops and in total collected more than 100 pounds of candy which will be sent to these brave men and women. Each year, “Operation Gratitude” sends more than 200,000 care packages to deployed troops, veterans, wounded heroes, first responders, and recruits to show them just how much “WE CARE.”
Every letter was written with heart and the students helped pack—and decorate—the Care Packages for the organization. One letter from eighth grader Alan Barkan was particularly moving. Here is an excerpt from the letter:
Dear Brave Soldier,
I call you a “brave soldier,” because you and your fellow soldiers are truly brave. I am sure that I speak for everyone when I say thank you for all you have done. We are in times where conflicts are rising quickly, but the fact that you are always ready to defend and fight for the country and people you love really amazes me. It amazes me that you put your life on the line each and every day, and most of you aren’t even recognized by the majority of the country.
As I am writing this, I’m asking myself, “Why do they fight? Why do soldiers risk their lives?” And to that I say it’s because you care. You care about your country. You care about your loved ones. You go through rigorous training each and every day, because you care. You land on battlegrounds in countries filled with violence because you care. And you look to return home after your long journeys because you care. All of you soldiers care….
Thank you to the Buckley community for donating to this great cause.

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