Buckley Crowns Geography Bee Champion

Without a doubt geography is a passion at Buckley, and every year the audience is on the edge of their seats waiting for the next question to be answered. This year was no different. In the end, Bryan Byrne ’19 emerged as the Buckley champion, edging out Lauren Solosky ‘19 in the final round.
Bryan will now take an online test to try and qualify for the New York State National Geographic Bee this spring.
“Too often, geography is only associated with maps, locations, and places; at Buckley, it is way more than that. Our students learn about human geography to study people, their communities, cultures, economies, and interactions with the environment,” said history teacher Patricia Russac. “We want them to understand that Africa is not a country, but a continent with over 50 different countries, cultures, and nationalities.”
Buckley students participate in the National Geographic Bee in grades four through eight with history teachers Ms. Russac and Mr. Hall. The other grade level winners included Adrienne Chacon ’18 and Lauren Deramo ’18, Ryan Carmody ’20 and Vincent Rivellese ‘20, Cory Hershkowitz ’21 and Ava Kuhn ’21, and Mircea Manu ’22 and Siyoon Jeong ‘22. We congratulate all of them as we know the competition to get to the semi-finals was fierce.
“Our hope for the future leaders of boys and girls at Buckley is that they graduate with an understanding of how human geography helps to see the way others live around the world, to respect the diversity of cultures and religions, and to promote human rights for everyone regardless of where they come from to live in the United States,” Ms. Russac said.
Congratulations to our grade level finalists and to your continued passion for geography and best of luck to Bryan!

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