Buckley Students Taking Part in we-LEAD

Buckley is proud to announce that it has started a new middle school initiative called “we-LEAD,” which is an acronym for Leadership, Education, Action, & Determination. The goal is to continue to expand the school’s ongoing effort to empower students to explore the issues of intersectionality through race, religion, culture and human rights.
This effort is a natural extension of Buckley’s current social entrepreneurship and social justice units. Raising awareness to think about diversity and inclusion will enhance their capacity to take informed action about issues that extends beyond the classroom to:

  •       Lead by building community
  •       Develop empathy, channel emotions, and care for others
  •       Understand that we are all part of a larger community
  •       Work together to protect the rights of others
  •       Learn from mistakes by forging ahead to make changes 
The goal is to lay the groundwork for students to take a plan of action through a scope and sequence that will begin in the sixth grade and culminate in the eighth grade with a portfolio of work based on inquiry, research, data and service. We want students to forge a deeper connection with their own sense of agency, to put their ideas into practice, and to share their work with the community.
“It is our hope that by participating in the MCC’s Caring Schools #CommonGood Campaign that the actions our students take will deepen their care for others as well as the their communities,” said Buckley History Teacher Ms. Patricia Russac. “We want them to recognize what stands in the way of social justice, to realize that they can do something to protect basic rights and freedoms, and to question everything through exploring all sides of an issue.”

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