Buckley Holds Exciting National Geographic Bee

Buckley’s school championship for the National Geographic Bee always generates a great deal of excitement—and the 2019 edition was no exception. In what was one of toughest competitions to date between grade-level winners, Sandeep Sood ‘19 defeated Bryan Byrne ’19 in the final round to take the school title. He will now take an online test to try and qualify for the New York State National Geographic Bee this spring.
Other grade-level finalists included seventh graders Mario Calvo and Christopher Skenderi, sixth graders Lucas Burachio and Lauren Kyung, fifth graders Cyrus Soljhou and Nathan Tickle, and fourth graders Max Doroscyckz and Joshua Nazaire.
Before getting down to the final two competitors, the entire audience assembled in the Buckley auditorium sat rapt in silence as the two eighth graders Sandeep and Bryan, fought off a challenge from Max—a fourth grader—for the right to reach the championship round.
Buckley’s students participate in the National Geographic Bee in grades four through eight with history teachers Ms. Patricia Russac and Mr. Mercer Hall. The curriculum at Buckley strongly focuses on human geography with a deliberate emphasis on seeing differences, respecting the diversity of cultures, and promoting social justice.
“We could not be more proud of our students at Buckley and their love of geography,” Ms. Russac said. “Their interest goes far deeper than just the study of maps. They truly seek to understand that geography is about the interrelationship between people and the environment including communities, cultures and economies.”
Mr. Hall added, “The students look forward to the Geography Bee each year, because it challenges the mind and it reinforces the importance of the global community. The Bee also uniquely invites students from both the Lower and Upper Schools to the same stage to celebrate their mutual love of learning.”
Best of luck Sandeep, from all of us at Buckley and congratulations to our grade level finalists for how ardently you care for the study of geography.

CLICK HERE to see photos from the Geography Bee!


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