Buckley Welcomes TC Specialty Group

Buckley Country Day School recently hosted a Teachers College Specialty Group in its fourth and fifth grade classrooms, working to develop leadership capacity and bring together potential teacher leaders from across many schools.

This school year Lynn Knox—one of Buckley’s fourth-grade teachers—is working with the group, which is working specifically on Analytic Reading and Writing.

On January 4th, 16 teachers from across Nassau County, along with senior staff developers Kelly Boland Hohne and Jennifer DeSutter spent the day at Buckley. The group worked with students in fourth and fifth grades. The focus of the lessons was to look at themes and how authors use craft to support those themes.

Students learned how to turn a life issue into a theme statement and how to compare and contrast themes across different texts. For example, one fourth grader wrote “In this story the author is trying to teach us that in life having determination helps you to achieve your goals.”
The students were enthusiastic and the teachers all welcomed the opportunity to work with our students who proved to be very capable of doing this higher-level work.

“We were so happy to welcome this group to Buckley,” said Head of Lower School Elizabeth Lyons, who is the Director of the Teachers College Program at Buckley. “Their work models some of the best research in Literacy education and our students were able to demonstrate their engagement, love of learning and ability to think deeply about their reading.”

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