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  • Annual Giving

    The Buckley Fund for Annual Giving is one very important way to provide charitable financial support to the school. It has immediate and lasting impact. The following frequently asked questions provide insight into its value and purpose.

    What is The Buckley Fund for Annual Giving?
    It is an annual fundraising effort which raises funds that directly support the school’s current-year operating budget, thereby supporting your children’s Buckley experience this academic year.

    What programs does it support?
    The Buckley Fund enriches our academic programs, performing arts, technology, physical education, professional development, and supports maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

    Who gives to The Buckley Fund for Annual Giving?
    Parents, alumni, faculty and staff, and friends are all asked to make a contribution.

    What is our goal and how much should I give?
    Our goal each year is that each current family makes a gift to The Buckley Fund and that you do your very best within your financial means. Every gift counts, every year.

    How to I make my gift?
    We accepts gifts in the form of personal checks, credit cards, and stock. You may mail it to the school office, click here to make a gift or call our Development Office.

    Do you accept corporate matching gifts?
    Absolutely. It is a great way to increase the value of your contribution. Simply complete your company’s matching gift form and submit it to our Development Office.

    Gifts to The Buckley Fund are fully tax-deductible.

    For information, please contact Sean Collins, Director of Development and 
    Alumni Relations, 

    (516) 627-1910, ext. 2771
  • Planned Giving

    Strictly speaking, every gift to Buckley Country Day School is a planned gift. Significant thought and consideration is given by the donor to make a contribution that is meaningful to him or her and will benefit the School. 

    A Planned Gift might be as simple as remembering Buckley Country Day School in your will. There are annuities, trusts, life insurance and pooled income funds. Each has specific advantages that are tailored to the donor's needs while benefiting Buckley. A donor might structure a gift to provide life income, avoid capital gains tax and pass assets to family members substantially free of taxes. 

    Information on wills or other gift planning opportunities are available through Buckley’s Development Office, however, it is strongly advised that you involve an accountant or attorney while considering such a gift. 

    Buckley's Legacy Circle was created to recognize individuals who have remembered the School in their estate plans. 

    The Legacy Continues Through Estate Planning 

    For information, please contact Sean Collins, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, (516) 627-1910, ext. 2771
  • Endowment

    The endowment for Buckley Country Day School was created by theCampaign for Excellence in 1980 and received a boost from the Building on Excellence Campaign completed in 1996. 

    Funds and financial assets contributed to the endowment generate income through wise investments of the principal. Ideally, income from a growing endowment assists the operating budget and relieves the necessity for large tuition increases. 

    Building a strong endowment is an ongoing goal at Buckley. 

    Endowment funds... 
    The Foundation For Our Future!

    Make a contribution online

    For information, please contact Sean Collins, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, (516) 627-1910, ext. 2770 or

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