Buckley Country Day School is an independent, coeducational day school providing a superior elementary education to an intellectually capable and diverse student body. Buckley provides the foundation that enables our students to achieve their full potential and excel as educated, ethical, and self-confident individuals. Our graduates are well prepared for entry into, and success in, secondary schools and beyond.


Buckley is committed to providing a rigorous, classical education that focuses on scholastic achievement. Emphasis is placed on core skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, using a broad repertoire of teaching techniques and technologies. These skills are enhanced by their integration throughout the curriculum. Our faculty creates experiences that foster critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.

Buckley’s educational philosophy is centered on intellectual, physical, and artistic development. Buckley’s size and low student-teacher ratio enable our exceptional faculty to maximize individual attention. Our nurturing, family-oriented environment brings out the joy of learning in each child.

Core Values

Buckley believes in fostering integrity, hard work, kindness, personal and social responsibility, and mutual respect in all our students. We embrace diversity. We honor our school’s long-standing traditions.
“Opening the eyes and awakening the mind. . . that is the essence of education.”
- B. Lord Buckley

Diversity Statement

Buckley’s mission states that “we embrace diversity.” Buckley defines diversity in its broadest possible forms.
We strive to become a truly inclusive, diverse environment for everyone who experiences Buckley. This includes faculty, students, and parents. Preparing our students for future success in an ever-changing world requires values and education that reflect the plurality of cultures, beliefs, history,  and perspectives of a global society.

Buckley Country Day School

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