Our Mission

Our History

Founded in 1923, Buckley Country Day School is a co-educational independent day school serving 350 children in grades Toddler through Eight. Buckley is located on a 28-acre campus in the Village of North Hills. The founders’ vision was to create an independent school in the area, modeled after some of the schools that their children attended in New York City. The School was designed as a rigorous learning institution to prepare students for entry into selective secondary schools. The school’s founders turned to B. Lord Buckley for advice. He was the founder and Headmaster of The Buckley School in New York City.

Our Mission: Opening The Eyes And Awakening The Mind

The school’s mission is grounded in the belief expressed by B. Lord Buckley that Opening The Eyes And Awakening The Mind is the essence of education. Guided by that mission for almost a century, Buckley has purposely focused on developing a rigorous curriculum and teaching evolving skills required for the students’ future, while remaining committed to a liberal arts, classical education dedicated to nurturing the “whole child.” As audacious as it may seem, life readiness is our ultimate educational objective.
Our Curriculum

Buckley’s grade level configuration and size are designed intentionally. We believe that K-8 or T-8 schools provide the best preparation for secondary school and beyond, a claim that has long been substantiated by educational research. As child psychologist Michael Thompson noted, “If I could design psychologically safe schools, every elementary school in the United States would go from Kindergarten through eight and would be no larger than four hundred children.”

Buckley is a dynamic learning community where children are inspired to become educated, ethical, and self-confident individuals. Our curriculum is a vehicle for preparing our students to become socially responsible citizens and educated decision-makers. Thus, we seek to offer a comprehensive, inquiry-based curriculum informed by current research, student assessment, and best practices. Our programs and culture are rooted in a child-centered, value-based education within a diverse, inclusive, nurturing, and tradition-rich community. We use a broad repertoire of teaching strategies in a one-size-does-not-fit-all approach to learning meant to maximize individual attention.

Our curriculum framework reflects what we believe to be essential skills for our students:

Critical Thinking: The ability to think critically and creatively in order to process the voluminous amount of information at one’s fingertips;

Communication: the ability to communicate one’s thinking effectively and using multiple media;

Collaboration: the ability to work with others to solve problems;

Creativity: the ability to stretch one’s thinking and create new knowledge;

Character: the ability to develop and demonstrate character traits and emotional intelligence skills, among which are Empathy, Resilience, Self-Control, Curiosity, Self- Advocacy, Agency, and Open-Mindedness.

Our Faculty

Buckley’s size and low student-teacher ratio enable our exceptional faculty to maximize individual attention. Buckley teachers are carefully selected based on their credentials
(87% hold advance degrees), their experience (14 years on average), their understanding of teaching and learning, their passion for their craft, and their ability to serve as positive role models for their students. The professional culture of the school is one of excellence, collaboration, and growth, with outcomes that immediately affect student performance.

Our Values

Our Core Values of Integrity, Perseverance, Kindness, Personal and Social Responsibility, and Mutual Respect are purposely woven into all aspects of teaching and learning at Buckley.

Our Community and Our Students

Buckley seeks to attract, admit, and enroll capable, curious, and motivated students, creating a diverse community of families who embrace our core values. One of our major strengths is the ethnic, religious, and socio-economic diversity of our student body. We firmly believe that the experience of all of our students is enriched by the multiple perspectives that a diverse student body brings into the classroom.


Buckley by the Numbers

28 campus acres
1923 founded
17 members serving on
the Board of Trustees
355 students
85% faculty with advanced
15  average years of 
teaching experience 
average years
at Buckley 
7 : 1  student faculty ratio 
1 : 1  iPads, grades 3-8 
1 : 2 iPads, grades 1-2
15  average class size PK-8 
85%  students in grades 5-8 score in the 95th-percentile or above in math and verbal skills, qualifying for the Johns Hopkins CTY. 
4  world languages required PK-8; include Mandarin, Spanish and French.
2  years of Latin required, grades 7-8 
42  after-school classes offered, including chess, robotics, STEM challenge, yoga, tennis, lacrosse and drama.  
4  swimming pools 
3  athletic fields 
6  interscholastic sports
grades 5-8 
3  tennis courts 
4  playgrounds 
3 gymnasiums 
3 science labs
1 innovation lab (iLab)
1, 1, 1 art studio, black box theater, and woodshop
6, 10 pianos, Orff instruments

Buckley Country Day School

P: 516 627 1910 F: 516 627 8627