Dear Parents,

I am writing in an attempt to give everyone in our community some sense of direction, at least as far as Buckley goes. My hope is to help you plan ahead as much as possible and make sure that children know that things will get back to normal.

At this point, we know for sure that our building will not reopen to students until Monday, March 30. As far as instruction, the teachers are ready to continue teaching remotely as long as we need to. I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate I feel at this moment knowing that our faculty will be helping our community, our students in particular, get through the next several weeks, continue to learn, and preserve some sense of normalcy and optimism during these extraordinarily uncertain times. I would like to offer a huge shoutout to them as they have been planning diligently to keep the learning going for our children while taking care of their own families and concerns. I have reopened the building to teachers and staff. Tomorrow, you will see that some teachers have opted to teach remotely from their classroom. Please remember that the building is open to faculty and staff ONLY so that we can continue to adhere to current social distancing guidelines. 

This morning, I met with the administrative team to make decisions about upcoming events should our building be closed beyond the next two weeks:

The third quarter ends March 20th, and we will release grades on April 2. Both lower school and upper school students will receive narratives at the end of the year, not this quarter. CTP scores will be mailed the week of March 30th. I will continue to have individual secondary school placement meetings in person or via Google Meet for 7th graders.    

As far as upcoming events are concerned, we have created four categories: 
(1) canceled; (2) rescheduled; (3) changed to a different format; (4) TBD. 

All in-person PA meetings
March 16-19: Book Fair
March 18 & April 19: Workshops with Dr. Melissa Vivino
March 26: 6th Grade Slam
March 27 and April 3: Lower School Music Recitals
March 27-28: Model UN
April 9: Noetic math
April 17: Toddler/Nursery Read to Your Bunny Night
April 21: Philadelphia trip  (We may take the trip in fifth grade next year)
April 22: Class Parent Dinner 
April 24: Shrek the Musical 
May 1: Spring Semi-Formal 
May 5 & 14: Grades 1-4 Science Expos
May 8: Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day
June 13-21: Trip to Europe
8th Grade Play: May 8 at 10:00 (Day Cast); May 9th at 2:00 (Night Cast)
April 30: Senior Day (TBD)
8th grade speeches (TBD)
March 25: Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day (June 9)
April 16: 4th Grade Poetry Night (TBD)

Student Council speeches  (To be discussed further)
May 4: Social Entrepreneur expo (To be discussed further)
April 15: Secondary School Placement Meeting (To be discussed further) 
May 6: 4th grade transition night (Google Meet hosted by Mr. Hall)

May 13: Upper School Spring Concert 
May 22: 3rd grade play 
First week in June: Trips to Boston/Lake George 

I hope this will provide you with some direction moving forward. I wish our students and faculty the very best as Buckley switches from a bricks-and-mortar school to a virtual school tomorrow. I have full confidence that our students are the luckiest kids right now to have the teachers they have!
With much gratitude for our close-knit community,
Dr. Juhel  

Buckley Country Day School

P: 516 627 1910 F: 516 627 8627