Welcome to Early Childhood

The Buckley Early Childhood program is comprised of our Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten programs.

Our Pre-Nursery program welcomes the youngest members of our Buckley community. Independence, creativity, imagination, and early language skills are fostered through socialization and play. The Pre-Nursery program provides a gentle transition from home to school in a loving and nurturing environment.

In our Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten programs, children are given opportunities to explore the world around them in a safe environment. Dramatic play and creative expression through art and music are fostered in Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten. Language and listening skills are developed through stories and opportunities to listen to each other. Students are also introduced to world languages in Pre-Kindergarten. Exploration of our beautiful campus and outdoor activities in our playgrounds ensure the development of large muscles while cultivating a connection with nature.

The Kindergarten curriculum provides for the transition to the next academic level. While recognizing the need for children to continue to socialize and to learn through play, Kindergarten teachers begin more formal instruction. Literacy is an essential part of the program and is guided by our affiliation with Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. This drives and informs our reading and writing and ensures that our teachers and students are exposed to the latest research in literacy.

Math is also an integral part of Kindergarteners' day as well as continuing to observe and explore their natural environment. This program provides children with a strong foundation for their future years at Buckley.

Taking your first step into Buckley's Early Childhood programs is entering a world of wonder, joy, and exploration.
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