The Arts at Buckley

Developing creative self-expression is an integral part of a Buckley education. The arts program, which includes both performing and fine arts, seeks to nurture the children's inner spirit and encourage self-discovery. We develop the skills that enable them to flourish in a culturally rich environment and discover their sense of aesthetics.

Art, woodshop, music, dance, and drama permeate life at Buckley. It is virtually impossible to walk through the halls without admiring all forms of student artwork, enjoying the happy, singing voices of children, or hearing the welcoming sounds of instruments in class or at band rehearsal.
Visitors also notice the expressions of delight on the faces of our youngest children as they listen to fairytales in our library's early childhood story room. The children love to reenact these tales of enchantment and always clamor for more.

The art room is another place where imaginations are nourished. Art is often coordinated with the themes and historic periods they are studying in social studies classes. Experiences range form kneading clay with their feet the way ancient Korean ceramic experts did, to painting the underside of a table lying on their backs, the way Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Buckley Country Day School

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