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Students are all such unique individuals—it is wrong to assume that they are ‘vessels to fill with knowledge,’ but rather to regard them as powerhouses of potential, just waiting to connect with others and communicate their ideas to the world. It is my goal to ensure that each child is equipped with the skills to do that.
It is of primary importance to me that students feel happy, confident, secure and valued. My greatest passion is to ensure that every child feels accepted for who they are. Nurturing student confidence, ability and individualism, and keeping these in balance, is so important in middle school and enables students to become self-assured high schoolers. I strongly believe in giving students a platform to express themselves and bring about positive change – promoting student voice is vital in a school that seeks to effectively develop student leadership.
A student’s learning journey must be an enjoyable one, filled with discovery, friendships and personal reflection. I believe positive classroom collaboration should form part of an effective lesson. I strongly advocate the use of differentiation and objective based teaching, which allows students the opportunity to set their own path (in collaboration with the teacher) and excel academically.
Blending premium education with a global perspective ensures that students learn to meet the highest standards while gaining a wider understanding of the world.
Mrs. Linda Bernard
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