Art Class at Buckley

Buckley’s Art Program is designed to develop young artists abilities by creating, understanding and appreciating art. Topics are presented using a virtual trip to an art museum, discussing and interpreting art. Students learn artistic skills through a scaffold approach always building and supporting the basic skills of sketching, shading, paint technique and sculpture.

Art projects are derived from a broad range of the visual arts, from book illustrators to fine artists from Western and non-Western cultures from ancient to contemporary times. Young artists are encouraged to reflect on and assess their own creations craftsmanship, to set artistic goals and create their best work. Each student at Buckley receives a sketchbook to record their own artistic ideas. The book follows the student throughout their artistic Buckley years. An artistic inventory assessment is taken at the end of each school year to help young artists see their own artistic development.

Art in Lower School

In grades 1-4 Students are immersed with artistic media to use and create with: Colored pencil, tempra, charcoal, watercolors, marker and oil pastel are all introduced and used throughout the year. Young artists learn artistic vocabulary, technique and to take their time on their work. Students create study sketches before they begin their work to think about overall composition. After the art is finished, students are asked to reflect on their creations and assess their craftsmanship level. Each lower school year has a theme and artistic goal.
First Grade: All About Me / All About Art
Focus: Attributes and details
Second Grade: One Step Beyond!
Focus: Dimension and Illustrator Study 
Third Grade: Take a Line Out for a Walk.
Focus: layout, line, pattern, overlapping and perspective
Fourth Grade: Masters of Art Series / A Year at the Museum
Focus: Art discussion, analysis, reaction, and inspiration.

Art in Upper School

Art in the Upper School expands on the artistic skills taught in Lower School. Young artists are asked to respond to essential questions to create in class dialog to share thoughts and ideas. Art projects now have several steps to complete and take more time, concentration and dedication. Students write paragraphs to reflect on their finished art piece as well as their classroom effort. Fifth and Sixth grade students study art of Ancient cultures, African, Islamic, Asian, Medieval and Renaissance periods. Artists in Seventh and Eighth grade are given the freedom of choice based projects to meet their own interests and creative needs. The goal is to have our students engaged in their creations, express themselves and be proud of their work.
Fifth Grade: Ancient Cultures/Imaginative Design
Focus: responding to art and culture in a new way.
Sixth Grade: Be Bold! Focus: Line/Symmetry/Silhouette/Pattern/Black and White Designs & Lettering.
Art History: Islamic, African, Asian and Renaissance
Seventh Grade: Who are You? Studio Art
Focus: Choice based learning. Art projects such as: Selfie Shots, Up close and Personal “cropped” portraits.
Eighth Grade: Make a Statement! Studio Art. Illustrated Art book or altered book created with all forms of media designed to make a statement.
Focus: Composition, design and applying artistic skills.

Student Art!

Meet Mrs. D

Ms. Jenn Demopoulos, who has been at Buckley for the past 27 years, earned a  B.F.A from New York Institute of Technology in Graphic Design and a M.S. in Elementary Education from Long Island University. She is NYS double Certified to teach both Elementary Education grades Pre K-6 and Fine Art to grades K-12. Ms. Demopoulos has attended over 15 teacher training programs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is an NAEA member who attends art teacher conventions and online seminars regularly.

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