Buckley Holds Annual Geography Bee

Each year, Buckley celebrates its passion for geography by participating in the National Geographic Bee in grades four through eight. This year, the competition was as fierce as ever, with eighth-grader Charlotte Baker coming away as Buckley’s overall champion!

Charlotte will now take an online test to try and qualify for the New York State National Geographic Bee this spring.

The Bee started several weeks ago, under the leadership of history teachers Ms. Russac and Mr. Hall, as students tried to gain entrance into the championship round. Many of the class sections went into tiebreaker rounds to determine the winners for each grade.

Class winners included Mia Andel and Aveen Burney (fourth grade), Vincent Rivellese and Michael Fiechter (fifth grade), Bryan Byrne and Liam Schillinger (sixth grade), Moksha Akil and Sterling Kalogeras (seventh grade), and Brandon Anderson and Charlotte Baker (eighth grade).

The excitement built in the championship round, as the two finalists faced off in one of the toughest final rounds in the Bee. Everyone in the audience was on the edge of their seats as the last question was read to the final two contestants—Charlotte and Bryan.
Congratulations to all of the students who took part in the National Geographic Bee and best of luck to Charlotte, from all of us at Buckley!
CLICK HERE to see photos from the Geography Bee

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