Buckley Robotics Team Excels!

The Buckley Cyber Bulldogs Robotics team is on the move—straight to the SBPLI FIRST LEGO League championship round! After competing at the Long Island FLL Robotics Qualifying Tournament, which was held at Mineola High School, the Cyber Bulldogs advanced to the championship round.

“I am so proud of this group of students,” said Mrs. Linda Bernard, Buckley Country Day School’s Head of Upper School. “They have done an amazing job of coming together as a team, and it was great that they were able to showcase all of their hard work at the tournament.”
The LEGO competition was made up of two parts: a set of challenges that the robotics team must complete using the LEGO robot that it constructed, as well as a special project associated with this year’s FLL theme, “Animal Allies.”
Buckley’s team—which is comprised of students from grades five through eight—performed well in both areas of the league tournament. Their overall score qualified the Cyber Bulldogs to compete in March at Longwood High School. The winning team from the next event will be the Long Island representative at the World Championship Festival later this year.
For the challenge part of the event—which takes place on a large table—Buckley’s robot accomplished a series of tasks set out by the judges.
For the Animal Allies portion of the event, students were asked to “think of people and animals as allies in the quest to make life better for everyone. Sometimes people help animals and sometimes animals help people.” The Project’s mission was to make “interactions with animals better.”

The Cyber Bulldogs stepped up in this area of the competition, coming up with a concept for a drone-like robot, which can warn elephants in Africa when poachers are in their vicinity. The drones would emit a low-frequency sound that is heard by the elephants, causing them to run away from that area.

Congratulations to all of the members of the Buckley Robotics team and good luck in the next round!

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