Buckley Travels to Montreal (BLOG)


Friday morning consisted of a visit to the Science Centre in Old Port, where our students were put to the challenge of designing and building light and sound devices to help them survive in the wilderness of Canada.  This project-based engineering activity captured their imaginations, and 8 young tech wizards created electrical tools to aid in their ‘camping’ adventure.
Lunch and shopping were our final excursion (last-minute souvenirs!) before heading to the airport to be on time for our flight.
We truly had a marvelous trip, and we’re so glad to have had the chance to travel together!


Today was another cornucopia of French Canadian culture!
Our first order of the day was to visit Montréal’s “Biodome,” an Eco-zoological living museum featuring five ecosystems, ranging from tropical to arctic.  Parrots, penguins, lizards and crocodiles were our tour guides for the morning as we moved through the various ecosystems.
For lunch, our group was treated to Québec’s most famous dish, ‘Poutine’.  Known as Canadian “soul food”, the traditional dish is composed of french fries, gravy, and a special regional style of curded cheddar cheese.
Our afternoon activity was a lesson in graffiti, where we all had the chance to make our very own graffiti hat!
Heads adorned with fabulous caps, we tasted some of Montréal’s finest Vietnamese ice cream and visited the city’s finest bagel bakery for some snacks to tide us over on our hike up ‘Mont Royal’, where we admired the view of Montréal’s lovely skyline.
Dinner at “Alexandre” was followed by a tour of Montréal’s ‘underground city’, complete with shopping mall, where we had the chance to do some last-minute shopping.
Tonight we pack our bags and rest our heads as we prepare for tomorrow’s morning activities and afternoon flight.



What a day!  
We started with a hearty buffet breakfast at the hotel, and then headed straight to the boating experts at “Saute-Mouton” to gear up for a very wet and bumpy ride on the Lachine Rapids!
After a thrilling (and damp) morning, we changed into dry duds and headed straight to Montréal’s own amusement park, “La Ronde”, where we had a picnic lunch followed by 4 solid hours of rides and gorgeous weather.
Tonight we had crêpes for dinner at the charming “Chez Suzette”, followed by delicious dainty chocolate cakes for dessert.
To cap off the night, we took the Montréal subway back to the hotel like real locals!


AY 2

The second day of our journey has been chock full of French Canadian adventures!

First, our students breakfasted on crêpes at ‘La Petite Marche’ at Mont Royal.
After breakfast, our ladies shook and shimmied at a hip-hop dance class—not everything in Old Montréal is so old!
Lunch and shopping followed, in Montréal’s famous underground mall.  This is a welcome respite for chilly Canadians in the winter months.
Returning to the Earth's surface, our travelers were treated to a V.I.P. tour of the Sacred Heart Chapel & Notre Dame Basilica, famous for its organ, its stained glass windows and the wedding of Céline Dion!
In the afternoon, our students practiced the Canadian art of cycling, by taking a bicycle tour of Montréal’s multiple islands along the Lachine Canal.
Finally, everyone was treated to the most Québecois of Canadian traditions, the ‘Cabane à Sucre’ (sugar shack) where they toured the Maple Syrup trees on a hayride, and danced the night away to traditional Québecois music (complete with wooden spoons!)

Merci à tous et bon soir!

You can scroll through the DAY 2 photos on the right side of this page. 


We had a fantastic start to our stay in the Québec province today!
Upon our arrival in Montréal, our friendly tour guide sent us on a linguistic scavenger hunt in the Marché Jean-Talon, where we also foraged for lunch among the local culinary artisans.
Then, students made their very own televised news program at ‘Radio-Canada’.  This will be available for your viewing pleasure soon after our return to the U.S.
Dinner at Restaurant l’Académie was a delicious representation of Canadian French-Italian cuisine, and some of our adventurous eaters went straight for Québec’s most notorious dish, poutine.
We capped off the evening with a haunted tour of Old Montréal, led by a rather spooky guide with a macabre sense of humor.
Now we’re tucking in for the night in our cozy beds and dreaming of tomorrow’s crêpe breakfast.
We’re all enamored of Montréal’s charm. Throughout the day, you can find live tweets under the hashtag #BCDSMontréal. We will also be updating this blog each day with trip highlights and photos!
Merci à tous et bon soir!


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