Buckley Celebrates Lunar New Year

Happy New Year to all the Buckley families who are celebrating the Lunar New Year starting Friday, February 16.
Today, at our weekly assembly, Buckley celebrated the Lunar New Year and ushered in the Year of the Dog. The assembly was MCed by Dionne Chen '18 and Jane Park '18. 
The following performances took place:
  • Korean Big Assorted Drum: Kyle Lee ‘22, Mason Lee ‘22, Alexander Nishimura ‘19, Henri Yoon ’18.
  • Korean Small Drum Dance: Jiwoo Lim ‘29, Haejoon Lim ‘27, Jaden Chung ‘27, Sophie Lee ‘26, Elizabeth Hwang ‘24, Elizabeth Kyung ‘23, Lauren Kyung ‘21, Monica Yoon ’21. 
  • Chinese Harp: Tess Ma will play Clouds Chasing The Moon.
  • Lower school Mandarin students will sing Jasmine Flower.
  • Upper school Mandarin students will read poems.
  • Korean K-Pop Dance: Nathan Tickle ‘22, Max Joa ‘22, Siyoon Jeong ‘22, Giselle Chan ‘21, Vanessa Joa ‘20, Ryan Chan ’20 (with special thanks to Soobin Jeong '15). 
Prior to the assembly, there was an Asian culture exhibition in the Reception Room.
Thank you to the Buckley Chinese and Korean families who helped to prepare a very festive day and special assembly. 

CLICK HERE for photos

CLICK HERE for video from the assembly


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