Buckley's French Students Travel to Québec

The following is a blog from Buckley's French teacher, Mme. Dianna Baritot, who—along with Dr. Juhel—took a group of students to Quebec to learn and explore. Be sure to scroll down to read about the entire trip!

We started our final morning in Québec City by enjoying some much-anticipated crêpes for breakfast at “Au Petit Coin Breton” before hopping on the bus to Montréal.
With our last hour of touring, we partook in a scavenger hunt (while scavenging for lunch) at the notorious Jean-Talon Farmers' Market, where we feasted on macarons, strawberries, and pasta dishes from Québec's various local vendors.  
With full bellies and fond memories, we said bittersweet farewells to our amazing tour guide, Léo, and boarded the plane for a short and smooth flight to NYC.
Thank you all for an amazing trip, and a thousand thanks to Dr. Juhel and Buckley Country Day School for the opportunity to travel with such a delightful group of students. These are the times that teachers treasure; I am so grateful for the experience, and I look forward to our reunion in September! 
You can view photos from the trip HERE.

Warmest regards et joyeux été!
D. Baritot



Bonsoir du Canada!
It was our last full day in Québec, and we had an action-packed itinerary of adventure and activities.
After a hearty hotel breakfast, we toured the Baupré coast, starting with a visit to the Albert Gilles copper museum, where we learned about Québec’s famous copper artisanship and made our own beautiful copper medallions.
Next, we toured Québec’s most famous cathedral, the Saint Anne de Baupré Basilica, featuring intricate doors by the aforementioned Albert Gilles. This stunning cathedral is known for the many pilgrims who come to visit in hopes of being healed (the front pillars are adorned with crutches and canes). The church also features incredible artwork, including mosaics, stained glass windows, and a replica of Michelangelo’s “La Pieta”.
After tasting Québec’s national dish (poutine!) we trekked across the bridge spanning the Montmorency Falls (taller than Niagara!) and climbed down the many, many stairs to the base of the falls, where we all felt the cool drops of the waterfall’s intense mist.
Then (because we are nothing if not seasoned athletes) we went on a 2-hour bicycle tour of Québec’s Saint Charles River, stopping to admire the historical sights along the way.
We dined at a local eatery, “Spaghettini” and strolled the streets of Old Québec before sailing out on the Louis Jolliet disco party cruise on the Saint Lawrence river to watch the sun set over the glistening skyline on or last night in Canada.
We have one more short day of adventures before we head home to New York—it’s a bittersweet dénouement to our voyage.  I know everyone is looking forward to sleeping in their own beds soon, with happy memories of a week well-spent North of the border.
Bonne Soirée et à demain!



Salut de Canada!
Today we had a light itinerary, but a long and thrilling day.
We started with a hearty buffet breakfast at the hotel, and then we got right on the road for a long excursion to a remote village North of Québec City, Tadoussac. After taking a ferry into the quaint town, we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach before taking off our shoes and dipping our feet in the sand in the frigid salty waters of the St. Lawrence River. After lunch, we boarded a three-hour whale-watching tour where we were lucky enough to learn about and see several varieties of the majestic aquatic mammals, including some Baleen and Minke whales.  
On our way back to Québec City, we stopped at a charming inn (L’Auberge Baker) for a delicious home-cooked meal in a traditional setting.
We had just enough time after dinner to squeeze in a quick dip in the pool before lights out; tomorrow is a big day and we need our rest!
Bonne Soirée et à demain!



Bonjour de Canada!

Our second day in Québec was packed with sight-seeing, cultural exploration, and stair-climbing. We started the day off right with a chocolate-themed breakfast, and then headed into Old Québec for a guided tour of the ancient city, including the town’s historical mural, Québec’s oldest cathedral (Basilique-cathédrale Notre Dame de Québec) and an exterior staircase known by the name “breakneck stairs” (we all made it through with necks intact).

We contributed to the local economy with our free time at lunch (shopping!) and then spent an hour testing our knowledge in a fact-finding mission competition (the winner is yet to be announced).  

With much heavier backpacks, we headed to an hour-long hockey-themed improv comedy show, and then back to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool before our evening activity.

Our final excursion of the day was a trip to the Wenake (Huron) Village, a current reservation and re-creation of a traditional First Nations settlement.  We took a guided informational tour of the longhouse, sweat lodge, and “three sisters” (corn, squash, and beans) garden before being treated to a delicious meal of sausages, wild rice and vegetables. Dessert was a cake with (what else?) maple syrup and cranberry tea.  Following dinner, we had the opportunity to witness and take part in a dance ceremony honoring the North American First Nations and their heritage.

Feel free to follow the live-tweets: @BCDS_DTB, and you can find a dropbox folder of photos in the link below (more photos added each day).

Bonne soirée, et à demain!



Hello from Canada! Our students have had an eventful first day!

We started our morning in darkness, meeting pre-dawn to head to JFK for our early-morning flight, but our intrepid travelers weathered the pre-dawn departure like the true adventurers they are. We had a smooth flight into Montréal, where we met our friendly tour guide Léo. A luxurious charter bus took us the rest of the way to Québec city, where we explored some of Québec’s finest dining options for lunch.  

Following lunch, we took a leisurely promenade along the Plains of Abraham and took in the sights of the St. Lawrence River, which led us to Old Québec, featuring the Chateau Frontenac Hotel and the statue of Samuel Champlain (whose actual physical likeness is apparently a historical mystery).  

After taking a quick hour to unpack at the hotel, we headed out to the countryside to experience Canada’s most Canadian tradition—the sugar shack! We were treated to a traditional Québecois meal, complete with quiche, crêpes, and maple syrup, followed by live music, dancing, a tractor ride, and freshly pulled maple taffy.  

With a few hours to unwind after a long day, our students enjoyed the tropical delights of our hotel’s indoor pool, including a hot tub and sauna!

It’s been a fantastic start to our trip, and we’re looking forward to the coming days!  Keep in touch as we live-Tweet our photographic journey (#BCDSQuébec)

Bonne soirée, et à demain!

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